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While managing CareFirst's health and wellness website, I worked with a vendor to personalize a generic 508-compliant site, using a content management system to create custom pages to promote corporate programs as well as an entire section of healthy cooking videos. I also worked with the vendor to add sections on chronic diseases, mental health and maternity and to completely redesigned the site twice.


The site won 42 awards, including seven eHealthcare Leadership awards for best healthcare content.




health news icon

After a year of paying a vendor to manage a health newsletter, I suggested producing it in-house. I migrated my mailing list to a local email marketing firm with whom CareFirst already had a contract, enabling me to produce the monthly e-newsletter at no cost while promoting my website with links to healthy cooking videos and seasonal articles. Health News earned a silver medal in the Aster Awards medical marketing competition's e-newsletter category. The email open rate was 30 percent, which was twice the industry average.



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I created this website to raise money through online donations to the college fund of the daughter of a local man who passed away suddenly. The site also listed fundraising events and provided a biography and photos.




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I worked with the website vendor and a subcontractor to customize CareFirst's first iPhone app. I also oversaw the icon design and managed the promotion of the app.

The app won a gold medal in the Aster Awards medical marketing competition.



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I created an email template for the Ridgely's Delight neighborhood to send periodic emails to the neighbors and city officials who have registered for the list. People can register on the website or on the Facebook page. Email addresses are also collected at community meetings. As a nonprofit organization, the neighborhood receives free service from an email marketing firm, which maintains the mailing list and tracks the provides a reports for each email sent. In the first year, more than 200 people in the neighborhood of 450 homes registered, and there was a 50 percent open rate for campaigns.




In 2003, at my suggestion, a website designer in my neighborhood created a template. I wrote the copy, set up the navigation, built the pages and added my photos. I redesigned the website in October, 2012, and I maintained it through 2015.


View the original site.
View the redesigned site.




photo of Corey Henry

When veteran trombonist Corey Henry launched his first solo album in 2016, his record company created a website for him and recommended that he promote his work through social media. I created a Facebook page, which I integrated into the website, along with other social media outlets. I also added the Bandsintown app to the website and Facebook page, to promte upcoming shows. I continue to maintain the website and social media, which includes my photos from shows and events.






photo of Kenny Terry.com

It's no longer necessary to break the bank to promote your brand. I built a basic WordPress website for musician Kenneth Terry and set up social media pages on Soundcloud, Facebook and Twitter, which I continue to maintain.







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